Boost Your Information Retention and Improve Your Memory

  • EnXtra Provides Fast and Sustained Non-Stimulant Improvement in Your Mood and Alertness (Zero Jitters)
  • Protect Your Brain from Dangerous Free Radicals
  • Sharpen Your Cognitive Function
  • Naturally Raise Your Dopamine & Serotonin Levels for Superior Wellbeing and Mental Acuity
  • Boost Your Information Retention and Improve Your Memory
  • Fight Occasional Stress and Support Mood
  • Featuring the Adaptogenic Stress Reducer, Bacopa to Help Rapidly Relieve Mental Stress
Warning: Your brain is under relentless assault from stress at work, school, and from environmental pollutants. If you’re sick of forgetting important details & dates, and struggling to push through mental exhaustion just to get through your work’s time to stop dragging and start excelling in the office, in the gym… and in your life...

Breakthrough Nootropic Cocktail Boosts Your Neurological Function While Pushing Your Mental Acuity, Memory, Problem-Solving Power, and Career-Advancing Laser-Like Focus Abilities Through the Roof

Upgrade Your Brain, Upgrade Your Life
  • Boost Alpha Brain Wave Activity to Help Unlock Your Creative Powers {1}
  • Dramatically Improve Your Memory Consolidation and Working Memory {2,3}
  • Strengthen Your Brain Against Occasional Stress {2}
  • Optimize Your Work Capacity Under Stressful Conditions {4}
  • Help Increase Brain-Derived Nootropic Factor to Give You Stronger, Faster Cognitive Processing Abilities (BDNF) {5,6}
  • Skyrocket Your Mental and Physical Energy with ZERO Crash and ZERO Jitters {7}
  • Feel More Relaxed at Rest AND Calmer When Facing Stressful Situations {8,1}

Isn’t It Time You Gave Yourself the Gift of the Limitless Mental Abilities Needed to Excel at Work, School, and in ALL Areas of Your Life?

It might be fashionable in today’s world to brag about being tired and busy while stumbling through each day, mentally bankrupt, and lost in a dense brain fog.

Seriously, do you want to suffer through this?
  • Do you want to be one of the masses that are constantly falling behind on work?
  • Missing out on life-changing opportunities?
  • Giving up on your goals because you know that no matter how many hours you put in, it NEVER feels like you can catch up to the best of the best?

Do you really want to be that person surviving on coffee and sugar-and-junk caffeine energy drinks?

By the way

stimulants like caffeine stop working with continued use. Plus, when you flat out struggle with focus, even a triple espresso can’t save you…

Don’t wash your biggest dreams

down in endless cups of overpriced coffee.

Face it

that’s what most people do.

But, you want more out of life

than a half-asleep existence, trying to shuffle through your days relying on coffee and caffeine “energy” drinks that stopped working for you years ago…

Think about it…

everyone drinks coffee, right? Yet how many people do you see bursting with the type of mental focus and clarity that propels them to the top?
Not many.

And, if you’re stuck in that rut with those people…

feeling like

you’re becoming the slowest producer at work

boss constantly in your face

because you’re forgetting important details and your work is getting sloppy…

unable to concentrate long enough

to get through the first two sentences of documents, memos, and reading that would advance your career

then you need to

literally re-boot your brain.

Coffee is great, but it’s beyond a cheap energy kick, coffee is NOT going to rewire your brain.

Energy drinks are not going to construct a super speed highway structure for your neurons to travel at breakneck speeds, giving you memory recall, problem solving, and mental abilities so incredible that your competition will truly believe you’ve discovered secret super powers.

If you want to excel at school… If you want to kill it every day at work…

If you want to separate from the zombie masses…

Then now’s the time to give your brain the super nutrients it needs to rebuild and fortify itself, giving you the brain power needed to join the elite in your field.

You already know that the most productive people... those that learn and produce the fastest & most efficiently… graduate faster, earn more money, and advance light years beyond the competition in their careers.

Simply put, a better brain = a better life.

More money.
More opportunities.
Better mental and physical function.
Unlimited potential…

Good news… there’s now a way to build the hyper-productive, lightning-fast functioning brain you need to rise above the masses and finally achieve all of your biggest goals...

Are You Sick Of:

Psyching yourself up just to push through another day at work or school, even though you mentally feel it's impossible to focus on one task for more than a few minutes..

Dragging yourself through your workday, pass-out-tired even though you slept all night…

Drowning in stress

NOT Remembering Things Forgetting where you put your keys, phone, or wallet - forgetting important dates, meetings, and even what day it is…

Fighting like mad, mentally, just to be in an “o.k.” mood…

You don’t have to struggle anymore - NEUROCTANE can help you boost your brain, and give your body a kick-start...

Ingredients and Dosage

Research-backed ingredients provided in their proper doses.*

How NeurOctane Can Transform Your Brain & Your Body

Meet the 5-Premium, Super-Powered, All Natural “Nootropic” Ingredients That Upgrade Your Brain

EnXtra (Alpinia Galanga Extract)

EnXtra (Alpinia Galanga Extract) is an amazing plant extract that acts as a 100% stimulant-free breakthrough in rapidly increasing mental alertness, focus, and energy.

Human studies in the BAOJ Nutrition Journal showed that EnXtra can boost mental alertness & acuity for up to 5-hours without increasing blood pressure, heart rate, or ending in a huge energy crash.{9,7}

But that’s not all… EnXtra has also been shown to help increase Dopamine release giving you more of nature’s feel-good neurotransmitter {7}

NOOPEPT (N-Phenylacetyl-L-Prolyglycine Ethyl Ester)

NOOPEPT (N-Phenylacetyl-L-Prolyglycine Ethyl Ester) is a powerful compound that has been shown in animal studies to help raise the brain’s NGF (Neurotrophic Growth Factor) and BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor), both of which play an important role in cognitive function, information recall, and memory.{5,6}

NOOPEPT doesn’t stop there. Clinical studies showed that NOOPEPT can also help you:

  • Increase Your Work Capacity While Under Stress (get more done, even when your workload is heavy and the stress is coming at you from all angles) {4}
  • Stimulate Nerve Growth Factor Expression (NGF helps maintain the brain’s neurons while creating new neurons) {5}

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri is an amazing neurotropic that helps you:

  • Increase Retention of New Information (gives you the potential to learn faster while boosting memory) {11}
  • Improve Information Processing (give your brain the potential to make faster decisions) {11}
  • Boosts Visual Information Processing and Helps You Sustain Attention Levels (make your brain faster while strengthening your attention span) {3}
  • Enjoy Better Working Memory (retain more information, excel in all aspects of life) {2,3}
  • Enhanced Decision Making Ability While Multitasking (one study showed a dramatic improvement for up to 2-hours after consuming Bacopa Monnieri) {12}
  • Crack Complex Cognitive Tasks with Amplified Accuracy (make less mistakes while solving more complex problems at work and in every aspect of your life) {3}

Piper Nigrum Fruit Extract 95%

is a double-threat since it not only may help boost the effectiveness of the other nootropics in NEUROCTANE, it actually acts as a nootropic as well. Piper Nigrum Fruit Extract acts as a MAO inhibitor, helping increase the brain’s levels of serotonin and dopamine, your “feel good” neurotransmitters. It also works as a potent brain protector because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers. {13}


L-Theanine is a hyper-powerful amino acid that can help:

  • Reduce Temporary Stress (studies show L-Theanine can curb stress brought on by stressful situations) {14}
  • Provide Better Relaxation - Both Wakeful and While You Rest (keep calm in stressful situations, and enjoy deeper relaxation when you need to recharge) {8}
  • Increase Alpha Brain Wave Activity (unleash your creative powers and help stamp out acute, temporary depression{1,15}

Studies also showed that when L-Theanine is paired with caffeine, you’ll feel more alert and less tired without any jitters.(5)

NeurOctane is the Fastest, Easiest Way to Effortlessly Improve Your Memory & Cognitive Function, Enjoy Laser-Like Focus, and Crush Mental Fatigue

NeurOctane is the Fastest, Easiest Way to Effortlessly Improve Your Memory & Cognitive Function, Enjoy Laser-Like Focus, and Crush Mental Fatigue

Stop worrying about losing concentration and making mistakes at work… stop forgetting important events, details, and memories…

Stop stumbling through life like a zombie, half-asleep and missing out on career advancement, better grades, a higher IQ, and a wide-awake enjoyment of the best moments in your life.

NeurOctane can help you improve your memory, strengthen your brain’s processing power, stamp out excess stress, and can even help fight stress symptoms.

NeurOctane Will Work for YOU - 100% Guaranteed... Or Your Money Back


We’re so confident that NEUROCTANE will improve your memory, mood, cognitive function, while giving your laser like focus, destroying mental fatigue, and boosting your mental & physical energy levels that we are offering it to you with a Lifetime, Ironclad, 100% No-Questions-Asked, Money-Back Guarantee

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